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It is my true belief that animals are people too and my business will be run with the passion and drive to make every Furry Kid and their parents very happy clients.

Working as a professional in the corporate world for many years has taught me the meaning of excellent customer service and the need to meet goals. My goal for Parent and Furry Kid is no stress vacations, day trips, and office days with no worry. Simply I want your pet to feel the same love and attention in my care as they would if you were at home with them.

In order to provide the best care for your Furry Kid I will provide a Consultation “free of charge”. A complete review of the needs for you and your Furry Kid will be done during this time in order to develop a plan that will work best to make everyone happy and comfortable.

I also understand what it is like to have a “Special Needs” Furry Kid and the added stress that is caused when you are away from home. My amazing cat Mr. Presley (“The King” he is sure of it..) was diagnosed with Diabetes over a year ago. The thought of twice daily insulin shots was very scary. I immediately went to work doing research to understand the disease and have the knowledge to care for my best buddy. I now have a great understanding of the disease and he is a perfectly healthy happy kitty. I can offer a service to you for training and understanding of insulin injections.

I also have two beautiful Caviler King Charles pups who own my heart.  Louie – Black and Tan age 4, and Walter – Ruby age 1.5.  They have a wonderful spoiled life and have their Mommy very well trained.  They get lots of fresh food, veggies like asparagras, carrotts and fruits like blueberries and apples.  Keeping my babies happy and healthy is critical for me.

I have five Grand-dogs which give me great joy, Zeus – a Boxer/Dane Mix; Bo – a Chocolate Lab; Maya and Walter – Boxers; and Lyla – a Stafford shire Bull Terrier.

I am a member of NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters). I am also Bonded and Insured so my clients can have peace of mind while I am in your home. Your home and Furry Kid will be treated with love and respect.

– Cathy Holloway, Furry Kids
“Because Animals Are People Too”

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Cathy has been a lifesaver for me. It’s so nice to be able to schedule a walk and a visit for my dog, Luke, on days I have to work late or travel out of town. So much easier then dropping him off at a kennel.


Cathy is a true pet lover! I trust her with all of my fur babies! So nice to know that if I leave town or can’t get home in time for them, I can call Cathy and know they’ll be well taken care of.


Furry Kids is the best! I know my four legged babies are in the absolute best care when I am gone due to the love and devotion of the Cathy. I could not ask for a better pet sitting service!


Cathy from Furry Kids did an excellent job taking care of our dog and two cats while we were away on vacation. They seemed much happier staying home rather than being stressed out spending the time in a kennel.